Tyassanti Trywidiarini

I am a graduate of Aquatic Resources Management from Brawijaya University, Indonesia who is enthusiast about coastal conservation and community development issues. After graduating in 2016, I worked with an NGO in Malang that focused on preserving the coastal ecosystem through ecotourism, working together with people who have practised destructive fishing or forest-use activities. After that, I worked as a Field Facilitator and the Communication and Community Outreach Assistant for Marine Protected Areas (MPA) & Biodiversity at WWF Indonesia on the USAID Sustainable Ecosystems Advanced project in West Papua. As a Field Facilitator, I assisted fisheries groups and local communities to implement Rights-Based Fisheries Management in Bintuni Bay and supported activities for implementing the MPA in South Sorong. Furthermore, I helped to prepare awareness materials needed by local champions and shared the story about behaviour changes in the community before and after an MPA existed to government level through radio broadcasting activities in Sorong. In February 2021, I started working as a Research Assistant for ConHuB Indonesia and I am looking forward to collecting data from people that live in the Gunung Leuser landscape, Sumatra.